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talking about that same musical period, an amazing band - Family (saw them live at German fest in 1971 or so - mind blowing) had a lead singer who also played good harmonica - Roger Chapman - but used it very sparingly on a few recordings - nothing live as far as I can tell.... Lindisfarne, another Brit band, had one as well.

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Another British Blues influenced rock band late 60’s / early 70’s must be mentioned here: Humble Pie. Steve Marriott was their awesome front man who sang with soul, played a cranked up Les Paul through Marshall stacks. 

I saw them a few times live, and saw and heard him use dynamics, bring the band down, then blow some REALLY tasteful 2nd position blues that served the feel of the song. He wasn’t Little Walter, or Howard, or Toots, but his playing made me want to pick up a harp and play along. 

Check out this track with the solo @ 3:12


Andy Vincent

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I was listening to Those Were The Days, the boxed set of all of Cream's 
official releases. Their first album in particular has a lot of Jack 
Bruce's harmonica and Bruce's playing isn't half bad. Sure, he may not 
have some of the technical chops of full time harp players but his 
tasteful playing still reflects the fact that he was a world-class musician.

It seems to me that some harmonica enthusiasts tend to diminish the 
harmonica playing of musicians like Bruce, Robert Plant, or Mick Jagger, 
as not serious harmonica players, but it should be pointed out that they 
were good enough players to blow harp with Cream, Led Zeppelin and the 
Rolling Stones.

Ronnie Schreiber
The Electric Harmonica Co.

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