[Harp-L] Saxophone Riffs

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Wed Dec 2 13:55:57 EST 2020

These are actually melodic lines from those songs - not riffs or solos at all....however, to build your understanding of how music and musical lines "work", playing melodies is a good idea.
If you want some actual "riffs" or "solos" that lay well in 3rd position, check out Miles Davis' soundtrack to "Ascent to the Gallows" ...

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A couple of very short saxophone riffs have grabbed my attention over the
years and as I had a nice, but rarely used low F Special 20 harp to hand
the other day I thought I'd give them a go. As luck would have it they laid
out quite well with the original song keys. I think I'm playing 4th
position but I'm not certain.

This has whetted my appetite and I'm looking for suggestions for other
intros/short saxophone solos.

 Any ideas would be welcome, Thanks



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