[Harp-L] Emulating Famous Guitar Tones on Harp

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Great Richard 😊 With your huge experience crafting sounds, you’ll be making some great patches in no time! And they could be items you could sell, along with your other patch sets for multi-effects units. 


TBH, being the open-minded and  inquisitive person you are, once you start delving into what’s possible with the iPad, I think you’ll finds that it has so much more to offer, and it’s so easy to manipulate! Other guitar effects apps you should try are:



Bias FX


There are more, but even with those two plus Tonebridge you’ll have vast possibilities. They cost money, but compared to pedals and multi-effects units it’s peanuts for what you get. Check out the PolyOctavers in those apps – very good!


Have fun Richard, and let me know how you get on 😊


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 Brendan Power wrote:

<The free Tonebridge app in the iPad is a cool way to instantly get the same
<effects blend as used on legendary guitar tracks, on your harp!


I downloaded the app this morning and checked it out.  It's pretty cool.  The effects are somewhat limited--I counted exactly one delay and one reverb--but for a beginner especially that might be a good thing, given that lack of knowledge combined with too many choices is a prescription for frustration.  It has a bassman amp emulation, which is de rigeur for harp players.  It enables editing on preset patches and creation of new setups.   Overall, cheap and cheerful, with plenty of stuff to work with. I'm going to get an audio interface for my iOS devices and see what we can do.


Thanks, Richard Hunter


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