[Harp-L] Beginner rack recommendations

Douglas Johnson dmj@xxxxx
Fri Sep 20 11:58:48 EDT 2019

On September 20, Ron replied to my query about beginners' neck racks:

>Whenever this subject comes up, I advise the harp rack that I learned 
>of here on Harp-L and have been using happily for many years - K&M 
>harmonica holder, which I see on Amazon for $28.69.

Thanks for this recommendation. I think, based on everything I've read 
so far, that this is the one I'm going to go with. It looks like it's 
sturdy and built well enough for my purposes, and it's at the right 
price point.

>I had a look at the Sydel Gecko that another poster offered and that 
>rack might be the bee's knees, what with it's superior adjustability, 
>but it costs $80

I agree: this rack looks terrific, but the price is too high for me as 
beginner. Maybe down the line, though.

Thanks again for your comments.

Douglas Johnson
dmj at xxxxx

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