[Harp-L] Rest in Peace Emile Grégoire

Patrice Rayon stpat95@xxxxx
Wed Jul 3 15:59:14 EDT 2019

Very sad news for all those who knew Emile Grégoire, for harmonica lovers...

Annick, his daughter has just informed me that our friend Émile Grégoire, went this morning to meet Toots and all the missing harmonicists he loved so much...

Emile was among other things the father of the only harmonica festival that existed in Belgium for more than 20 years, until 2016.
I had known for almost a month that he had been in hospital and was very weak but without realizing that it was so serious...

A picture of Emile here: http://harmonicacontact.com/Images/articles/IMG_0262.JPG

Patrice Rayon
PS: The website of the association that he created http://www.croch.be/

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