[Harp-L] Mr. Westside Smitty... Showcases his wisdom, wit and wizardry with wily precision :)

F F franze52@xxxxx
Fri Feb 22 20:05:40 EST 2019

Please let me first start off by saying that Uncle Joe-Zeppi, who is a master harpist and wordsmith in his own right - may have found his equal with Westside Smitty, in regards to the art of picking words which can convey the essence of thought with the intrigue of an Ancient bi-lingual Scholar,  who is studied in the secret knowledge of all the religions subtle, simplistic multiplicities combined.

With that said , when Mr. Westside Smitty introduced himself a few weeks back with the proficiency of one steeped in the rhetoric of real rap infested ingenuity...I instinctively knew that wherever W. S. was leading the reader - it was with the genuine desire that only exists in the deepest regions of a heroic heart that is covered with the glowing sheen of humbleness and infused with the skill set of poetic persuasion and perfect cadence .

How can one, or should I say- how can I respond, in a way, that not only conveys my joyfulness that  Westside Smitty can look into the soul of a man, "mine" and seem to know  my reality, without the trappings of a superficiality which easily and often rears it's intrinsic purpose and identity unbeknownst to the innocent and meek... But, I'm truly, doubly intrigued by his profoundly eloquent and cosmic like knowledge- which I'm convinced- he must possess, in order to envelop me with such flattery and praise- that even I, a lowly harp nerd... am almost brought to an absolute and undeniable astonishment- sadly still, leaving me feeling used and empty, yet fully satisfied to selfishly wallow in my own honor and gratification.

However, if... somehow, the accolades bestowed upon me are actually undeserved, being only a figment of the imagination, or fragmented crumbs of half-truths; Only then would I dare investigate the poisonous possibility that they are causing my own self-inflicted- hero worship of self. If so, Then the spirit that is unaware of pure inner and outer awareness will longingly search for it's own meaning without ever meaning to know the definition of empathy and we all know how that story ends?

I pray nothing less then this, that this new contributor... Mr. Westside Smitty, find a home here on harp-l... to thrive with the excellence that he knows his hidden essence has gifted him with... May his unique faculties bring  harmonica depths to our conversations that have not been known , seen, or heard of since the masters of old.  I will gratefully end this morsel of discussion, some may say critique, with the solemn promise to seek the same achievements. To be the best of the best of the best, one way or another-so help me Little Walter.

Oh, and congratulations on" gettin the gig" - it's good to know that there are some headhunters still lurking in the shadows out there, some where, every where and even in our dreams, if, we dare to journey to that hallowed place - where the harmonica is just a beautiful word and the ego fears love...Selah

Your Friend, with forever intentions...
seriously, sincerely,
Frank :)

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