[Harp-L] Perfect Pitch revisited

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no bovine excrement, just folk who don't believe and others that do....some won't give it a try and if they do, quit when they don't get instant results, and others commit to a long term program and take it slow and easy on a road to success.
I guess you gets to choose which path is for you.

a cent or two off of perfect pitch is a bit unrealistic to hear....there are 100 cents between every semitone, ya know! Lab results have shown that human ears don't really hear a difference in the pitch until it is 3 or more cents off....

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Is there a certain amount of "Bovine Excrement" associated with this Perfect
Pitch stuff?

I have heard of musical "experts" who claim to find themselves not blessed
with but actually cursed by Perfect Pitch.  They say that they are
distressed - almost to the point of physical pain by singers or violinists
who go either flat or sharp by a cent or two.

Are these the same people who claim that they can hear the difference
between a brass comb and one cut out of particle board?


Aongus Mac Cana

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