[Harp-L] The Outstanding SPAH Team & Our Great Convention

fssharp@xxxxx fssharp@xxxxx
Mon Aug 19 16:43:21 EDT 2019

I second everything Greg said in both his e-mails.  I've been to about 15
SPAH's and this was about as good as it gets.  Kudos to the club, SPAH
Staff, Vendors, hotel staff, performers, teachers, and Tulsa itself.

And special mention to the ATTENDEES!  They were well behaved and talented.
:)  It would be a pretty lame convention if nobody showed up.  So a big
thanks to those of us that took the time and money to attend, and
particularly to those that are SPAH members who help keep this great deal
going.  Hanging with Charlie Musselwhite, Carlos del Junco, Dennis
Gruenling, Rob Roy Parnell, Jerry Deall, Charlie Barath, Jerry Fierro, Mick
Zaklan, Madcat Ruth, David Barrett, Dan Ruppa, Greg Jones, Greg Heumann, PT
Gazelle and Joe Filisko - among many others -  is a blast.  As the old
amusement park near me used to say, "You Can't Beat Fun".  Get to the next
one or any one of these that you can ASAP.  You won't regret it !!!

Fred S

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