[Harp-L] The Outstanding SPAH Team & Our Great Convention

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Thanks for the kind words, it's a labor of love and as always we really appreciate seeing you and Seydel at the convention.

Jerry Deall 
SPAH Secretary 
join us at SPAH 2020 August 11-15, @ the Sheraton Westport Chalet, in St. Louis, MO

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I just returned from an incredible week in Tulsa at SPAH 2019.
I have to say in my view, the convention gets better each year and I am
even more amazed at the job our volunteers, board, committees, and
president do.

I have no doubt each of them works tirelessly on the days leading up to the
convention meticulously ironing out details.  There are an undefined number
of issues they must sort through and these folks handle the tasks perfectly.

Although the team members delegate tasks, they all have to know each
other's jobs, as well.  That can't be easy.

The harmonica is not a high revenue/profit instrument and as such, the team
must operate on a budget while delivering a great experience.

On top of all this, the team is continually recruiting new volunteers and
training them so that no job is left unattended. That's the mark of a
healthy organization.

Great stuff guys and gals..

You get better every year and I can't see what you could possibly improve
on, and yet I have no doubt you will do it once again in 2020.

Thank you!

*Greg Jones*
*16:23 Harmonicas*
Web Site:        1623customharmonicas.com

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