[Harp-L] Second position, cross harp

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Mon Aug 19 23:32:33 EDT 2019

I taught harp for 12 years at our Council of Adult Education.
I would just talk about the 'blow' key (C on a C harp) and
the 'suck' key' (G on a C) and go on to show, by learning simple tunes,
that there was a note you couldn't get on the middle ocatve - the major
7th  of the 'suck' key -
but you could get it in the first ocatve and the top ocatave, by bending.
Less talk, more played examples. I know my theory, but the most useful
thing is the ear.

On Tue, 20 Aug 2019 at 12:41, Robert Hale <ynfdwas at xxxxx> wrote:

> It's that time again:
> With all the ways that I explain it, my student is just not sure what it
> is.
> What is your best summary of second position playing?
> In other words, what explanation is the most successful for a beginner?
> Robert Hale
> Serious Honkage in Arizona
> youtube.com/DUKEofWAIL
> Robert at xxxxx

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