[Harp-L] Playing out of tune is a Skill that can be learned

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Fri Aug 9 11:02:57 EDT 2019

It's an eye opener, or maybe an ear opener to get a hold of an older 
Marine Band in the original 7 limit JI tuning.  If you want a window 
onto the why of particular eras of playing style 7 limit can inform. 
For me it took keeping one on my desk for a good long while, years in 
fact to have that light bulb turn on.  7 limit is out of tune if you are 
playing single note against 12T ET tuning.  Conversely though 12 T ET is 
out of tune when people play chords and it is especially grating to me 
when employed against just intonation tunings.

Everything is out of tune to some degree anyways. It's all a compromise. 
  Every guitar I've ever heard has a place on the neck that makes me 
cringe a little when I hear people playing certain chords.  It's all 

Sometimes a very favoured and dear harmonica breaks a reed.  I had a 
Jimmy Gordon I adored, I played that harmonica for years with a broken 
reed.  Constraint frees creativity.  An unlimited world is overwhelming. 
  When I finally did get that one broken reed replaced on the JG it was 
never the same.  In retrospect I should have just kept it as a 19 note 

Tripped over this today, https://www.patmissin.com/ffaq/q38.html
Marine Band harmonica changes over the years.  Pat has it all in one 
place.  No more obsessive buying of Hohner catalogues to try and piece 
it all together.  While I cherish my patent applied for Marine Bands the 
reality is I'm a player not a collector and Pat's FAQ can get you a lot 
of what obsessive collecting can for a lot less money and effort.  That 
the numbers are on the bottom of the earlier Marine Band covers for 
instance.  I had to buy a couple before I figured out this cannot have 
been an accident.  Then I had to put them all back on correctly, grrr.

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