[Harp-L] Irish Music at SPAH

Richard Sleigh rrsleigh@xxxxx
Wed Aug 7 11:51:34 EDT 2019

Hi everyone. If you want to pick up some great Irish session tunes, I have
a hit list of tabs and tunes that could give you at least something out of
the ordinary to play on Saint Patricks day.

The other thing about the techniques used in Irish music is that they give
you a real workout on tongue switching and other techniques that come in
handy if you want to drop a few surprises in your blues playing...

I have a new tab / sheet music version of "Morrisons Jig" That I put
together after checking out multiple versions of the tune & picking my
favorite basic elements.

I'll be going over this tune among others at the Filisko teach in at SPAH,
and if you want a head start, please contact me off list and I will send
you the PDF.



Richard Sleigh
rrsleigh at xxxxx

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