[Harp-L] How much is Enough?

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While I agree in theory, I always maintained that due to the diatonic's not having all the notes and if not well tuned, even the notes it does have are not always exact, consternated by the various tuning scales (just, tempered, etc.), and that ANY instrument is NEVER perfectly in tune.
 I posit that it IS acceptable to tolerate a certain amount of sourness..IF..the notes are closer to 'passing notes', and NOT the ones that I call critical. The ones that define the tune. 
Even Howard is not always on pitch. The closest player I have heard that IS is Jerome Perelevades out of Gras (perfume city) France. 

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> If one decides not to tolerate being off pitch at all, one would probably evolve into a better musician...no matter what the instrument.
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> Since we harp players struggle at times with accurate pitch, my mind is
> running with curiosity for HOW MUCH off-pitch we will tolerate, accept, or
> approve?.
> Also factored in would be HOW LONG we stay on a note of questionable pitch.
> (Duration)
> Third would be cultural norms and boundaries about pitch in a musical
> context.
> (This is where one of my harp students would exclaim "You have too much
> time on your hands!")
> Has anyone seen research on these questions?
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