[Harp-L] How much is Enough?

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I agree.  Nothing grates on my nerves like when I don't hit a bent note on the mark.  Michael Rubin suggested getting an inexpensive keyboard to practice with and it's a great way to work on pitch.  I bought a Cassio for around $40 and spend time on it.



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> If one decides not to tolerate being off pitch at all, one would probably evolve into a better musician...no matter what the instrument.
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> Since we harp players struggle at times with accurate pitch, my mind is
> running with curiosity for HOW MUCH off-pitch we will tolerate, accept, or
> approve?.
> Also factored in would be HOW LONG we stay on a note of questionable pitch.
> (Duration)
> Third would be cultural norms and boundaries about pitch in a musical
> context.
> (This is where one of my harp students would exclaim "You have too much
> time on your hands!")
> Has anyone seen research on these questions?
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