[Harp-L] Astatic crystal elements

Greg Heumann greg@xxxxx
Sun Aug 4 10:33:31 EDT 2019

Hi, Bad

Congrats on your find. No need to solder them into shells. Instead, solder a couple alligator clips on the end of a short cable. If you wanna play with elements - you’ll use this test cable over and over again.



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>> So I just went through a bunch of harmonica related stuff and tripped 
>> over what I think are 6 Astatic crystal elements and 2 of the ceramics. 
>> It might actually be 8 crystal but I have not delved into them yet 
>> Bought new from Astatic before they were discontinued.  No idea if they 
>> are still alive.  Short of soldering them into a shell anyone have any 
>> ideas about how to safely test the output?  I seem to recall that 
>> measuring their resistance is a very bad idea.  NOS in the original 
>> boxes but not stored in a humidity stable environment.

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