[Harp-L] Seydel/Farmer Gecko Neck Rack

Ross Macdonald pdxharpdog@xxxxx
Mon Apr 29 18:43:43 EDT 2019

I am the happy owner of the new Seydel / Farmer Gecko harp rack - the new collaboration between Pete Farmer's harmonica neck rack holder, and Seydel.  Just wanted to give a shout out to 4 folks involved in getting me necessary info and one of the very first Gecko harp racks shipped:

1)  Ron Hobdy of Rockin Ron's - I know that I'm preaching  to the choir when I say that Ron Hobdy is one of the most responsive vendors in the harmonica community!  Thanks for coordinating the absolute fastest delivery to meet my schedule Ron!  If Ron carries it, buy it from him and you'll never regret it. 

2)  Rupert Oysler of Seydel USA - for his involvement in the Farmer/Seydel collaboration,  and for his responsiveness in getting me estimated shipping dates for the Gecko, and for shipping it direct to me even though the invoicing went through RockinRon's. 

3)  Pete Farmer of Farmer's Foot Drums - for his truly innovative design - if you haven't seen his handmade, high quality percussion kits you should check out www.footdrums.com.  This new harp rack design is simple genius,  and once set up (takes a couple of minutes) it works flawlessly.  It's like upgrading from manual to electric memory seat positions in your car - always goes back to exactly how you set it up.  Zero fumbling around. 

4)  Greg Heumann of Blowsmeaway productions - for giving me info on the new Gecko rack and its compatibility with his Rackit/bulletini - Greg - my order is on the way. 

Thanks again guys!  

Ross Macdonald

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