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JOSEPH LEONE 3n037@xxxxx
Thu Apr 18 13:50:14 EDT 2019

> So I went to the grocery store this afternoon and parked in the Veteran's
> space.
> In the next aisle there is another space adjoining the one I am in.
> This guy in a full size van comes backing into it and bangs into the sign
> between the two spots, almost knocking the sign onto my car. So I yell at
> him to stop and he gets out and thanks me because he can't see behind in
> his van. He asks me what branch of service I was in I was in and starts up
> a conversation.

 Turns out he was one of the Players with Johnny Puleo and
> the Harmonicats

First of all there was no Johnny Puleo and the Harmonicats. There was the Borrah Minnevitch Harmonica Rascals WITH Johnny Puleo. Then, upon the death of Minnevitch, there was the Johnny Puleo Harmonica Gang. The Harmonicats (with Jerry Murad) were completely different. 

 and a member of the Harmoniacs.

As for the Harmoniacs, I am unaware of them. There IS a HarmAniac Trio with Rob Fletcher who are/were currently active in the Boston area. 

 He start showing me photos of him with his arm around President Bush and Ed Sullivan and Jack Par, etc, etc, (All these photos are in his shirt pocket covered in plastic!)

THIS is interesting. :)

> He also was a friend of Louie Prima and Sam Buters: so that held my
> interest!
> We have a conversation (or should I say He has a conversation)  for about
> 15 minutes and he gives me his business card.  He is still an active
> player and entertainer. Did I mention he is 87 and was in the Korean war?

Do we have a name for this illustrious player from the past? 
Smokey Joe 
> I thought you might like a little bit of history.
> Enjoy,
> Len

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