[Harp-L] Backup Tracks :)

Robert Hale ynfdwas@xxxxx
Tue Apr 2 11:10:31 EDT 2019

I am thankful I don't have to choose between live or tracks. I enjoy both
events. To the audience, they are very different experiences.

1. LIVE: all the interaction of call-response, and building on each other's
riffs and skills, plus audience responses. So satisfying when you're
jamming with tasty, alert players.
2. TRACKS: Reliable and dependable, but you must keep "track" of where you
are in an unchangeable, non-reactive song form. You can't extend the tune
for another round. It's over as recorded.

After years of live blues and country with bands, I have this year launched
a solo show based on my own acoustic guitar tracks, and played from a pad.
I enjoy including my harps, live banjo or guitar, the Lever Steel guitar I
built, and vocals. My tracks sound just like my live guitar, so it's all
very consistent. No other effects or production on the tracks. Close your
eyes, and it's still ME. I use Google Drive, but back it up right on the
computer in case wi-fi is down.

It took me about 3 months of steady marketing to 20 clubs and restaurants
(Phoenix AZ) to start getting calls. Walk-in visits, paper mail, email,
cell calls, and even Facebook Messenger. Keep doing it: They just need to
have a space for you. Shoot better and better videos, and send out about
every 3 weeks. Link to YouTube.

I found I needed some guitar breaks to mark my place in the tune with lots
of the same chords. The steady strum was sometimes a little too vanilla.
Subtle palm-mutes or syncopation moments add variety and tell my ear
exactly where I am in the verse and chorus.

I updated my website with GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder. Very clean and


Robert Hale
Robert at xxxxx

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 1:44 PM F F <franze52 at xxxxx> wrote:

> Backtracks are way better - then playing with a live band...If you think
> different - then you probably never played in a band before.

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