[Harp-L] 5 overblow tips

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Sep 26 12:00:22 EDT 2018

 Richard Trafford-Owen wrote:
<I have been playing overblows for years, but have been putting up with
<subpar skill on hole five. I sometimes get a stutter on the OB before it
<kicks in. I don't think I'm the only one as I hear it on performances from
<top players once in a while. It can't be the harps as they are done by a
<top customizer. I use the OBs on one and six regularly with no problems.
<The others I don't use enough to compare.
<Any advice for how to do better? Any practice drills that might be better
<than mine?

The first thing I'd suggest is to check the gapping on the reeds.  High
gaps make overblowing very difficult.  If your customizer set the reeds for
loud playing, i.e. with high gaps, that might be an issue.

As  a cheat, consider approaching the overblow from the draw note in the
Finally, consider whether your chamber (i.e. your mouth) is supporting the
note.  Try singing or humming the pitch of the overblown note, then playing
the overblow.  If that makes it easier, do the same without actually
sounding the note with your voice.

Regards, RIchard Hunter

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