[Harp-L] New CD with Irish Music

Ross Macdonald pdxharpdog@xxxxx
Thu Sep 20 11:46:20 EDT 2018

Anyone know what Hohner model he is playing?  

> On September 19, 2018 at 3:31 PM Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Mikael Backman wrote:
> If you are interested in Irish music played on the harmonica, or if you
> just want to hear some mind-blowing tongue blocking, I have a
> recommendation for you.
> Joel Andersson new CD "The Irish Harmonica". 12 tracks with phenomenal
> playing, great arrangements and some of the best tongue blocking you have
> ever heard.
> So do yourself a favour and check Joels music out. Available from his
> website: http://www.jaharmonicas.com
> ****
> I went to the site, and it's a good thing I was determined to hear this
> guy, because it took a lot of poking around to find the link to him on
> Youtube.  Until I saw that, I couldn't find anything on the site to allow
> me to audition a track or two.  That stuff is supposed to be easy for
> people with money in their pockets and a hankering for great harmonica
> music.
> I'm going to make it easy for everyone else: this is the URL for Andersson
> on Youtube:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibv6InYmVRw
> I strongly recommend that you visit the Youtube vid and then go back to the
> website to buy the record.  I was pretty impressed by Andersson's ability
> to play rhythm out of one side of his mouth and lead out of the other side,
> by his rhythmic drive, and by the general coolness of his performance.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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