[Harp-L] New CD with Irish Music

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Sep 19 18:31:22 EDT 2018

Mikael Backman wrote:
If you are interested in Irish music played on the harmonica, or if you
just want to hear some mind-blowing tongue blocking, I have a
recommendation for you.
Joel Andersson new CD "The Irish Harmonica". 12 tracks with phenomenal
playing, great arrangements and some of the best tongue blocking you have
ever heard.
So do yourself a favour and check Joels music out. Available from his
website: http://www.jaharmonicas.com
I went to the site, and it's a good thing I was determined to hear this
guy, because it took a lot of poking around to find the link to him on
Youtube.  Until I saw that, I couldn't find anything on the site to allow
me to audition a track or two.  That stuff is supposed to be easy for
people with money in their pockets and a hankering for great harmonica

I'm going to make it easy for everyone else: this is the URL for Andersson
on Youtube:

I strongly recommend that you visit the Youtube vid and then go back to the
website to buy the record.  I was pretty impressed by Andersson's ability
to play rhythm out of one side of his mouth and lead out of the other side,
by his rhythmic drive, and by the general coolness of his performance.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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