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Dennis opines:

<<I can't say the same thing it's made my head  dizzy. And it didn't help when someone mentioned Cole Trane. I heard one of his records years ago and is one of my worst listening experiences ever.  He totally lost and annoyed me at the same.>>

These theory debates are occasionally more for those trying to show off how much theory they know and what the best way to approach music theoretically may be. If you don't know much theory, it is a lot of blah blah blah. If you do know a lot about theory, these conversations can be interesting.

In regards to artists like John Coltrane, it may help to approach their music starting with their earliest works.

I remember back in the record store days, I would find Miles Davis CD's in the bargain bin. I bought every one I could find (due to some divine interventional push) and many of them I didn't like nor understand at first - but, as time went on and my knowledge of what he was trying to do grew, eventually all the CD;s found a place in my listen intently with interest catalog.

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