[Harp-L] Harp-L Digest, Vol 182, Issue 20 Why don't harp players learn all the notes and music?

Laurent Vigouroux laurent.vigouroux@xxxxx
Mon Oct 29 16:30:01 EDT 2018

Richard wrote:
"I do not think most people who play the guitar learn by obtaining all the notes and learning music either. Most semi-pro or better musicians eventually learn all the notes and the rest of music, but there are millions of us amateurs who do not necessarily. When I started the harmonica I chose it because I was not at all musical and it is relatively challenging to sound utterly hideous on harmonica when starting out (at least playing solo)."

You're right about guitar. I was comparing the harmonica more to sax, trumpet, etc ... as a solist instrument. I would bet that most sax and trumpet players know music theory. 

Your point about the fact that the harmonica sound quite good very quickly is a very interesting point. It is indeed true!
The irony is that it is much more difficult aftern, when one tries to play more elaborated music. Our beloved instrument is full of contradictions!

Happy harpin'

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