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How does one play So What over a G7? What does that even mean? 

If I play a C major scale over D in the bass, I hear D sus...(same notes, different sonority - same bricks, different building)

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The So what suggestion is a simple test 
Because talking about modes positions and so on is fine but experiencing it is the key to moving on
If you do it you will find out that the mode is defined by the bass or chord played behind the soloist not the mode itself
So playing on the C major scale will sound as D dorian as soon as the bass player plays a D or guitar player plays a D min7
By the same token if you take So What that is supposedly dorian and play it over a G7 or Cmaj7 it will not sound dorian anymore
It’s part of things I explain and demonstrate in my bundle Encyclopedia of scales for harmonica
David Herzhaft
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dh posts:

<<Then please try to play So What over a G7 then do the same over a CMaj7

We're not talking about contractor's bricks but the full garage if you put the garage in the backyard is it still a garage ?>>

The play So What suggestion makes no sense to me. What exactly are you trying to say? 


btw, it IS the contractor's bricks I was talking about. Same bricks used for house and unattached garage, yet they are different structures. Same notes used for those different modes/scales, yet they are different modes/scales. Simple.

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