[Harp-L] All this Positions and Modes stuff

The Iceman icemanle@xxxxx
Mon Oct 29 07:42:20 EDT 2018

Iceman suggests:

<<"Each position has a different "flavor" or (dare I say it?) "color"?">>

Jerome answers:

<<But ... it was said before that positions had nothing to do with color / flavor ...>>

Well Jerome, who said this and what makes this the definitive statement in this regard?

To my ears, each position has it's own color/flavor/sound quality making it a valid description of harmonica "sound" or approach...it appears that Jerome may have a different definition of "color/flavor" than I do.

The value of recognizing positions early on gave me the ability to understand/transcribe/learn the "sounds" of ODGB and allowed me to grow as a blues harmonica player.

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