[Harp-L] Beware knockoff harmonica racks and holders

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Wed Oct 17 17:22:33 EDT 2018

An update on this topic.  A company called HarpArm has a line of cheap harp holder knock-offs now available online at Amazon.com, GuitarCenter.com, Musiciansfriend.com, SamAsh.com and others. These products were originally invented by members of our harmonica community and the HarpArm products are cheap copy-cats taking sales from the original musicians/inventors.

I'm sure these retail websites have comment sections where members of our harmonica community could express their thoughts about knock-off products.


original post:
"Together all of us here in this harp community are a creative, artistic group and we should support each other when we can. With that in mind I wanted to bring up the following for discussion.

It looks like there’s a guy making cheap knockoffs of products that were first developed by active musicians in our harmonica community.

a) He makes a version of the HarpLock, a great product invented and sold by a working musician.

b) He makes a version of the Harparatus, a cool mic-stand device invented and sold by a working musician.

c) He makes a neck rack similar to the Farmer ArchTop magnetic rack developed and made by a very creative husband and wife musical team.

d) He makes a version of the Duo Harp Quick Change, a device that adds a magnet to your traditional neck rack, originally invented and sold by a working musician.

And to add insult to injury this guy has even filed various law suits against some of these original inventors too.

He was not a musician when he began this venture and frankly it shows in his designs. But people are buying these cheaper knockoffs and it’s taking away sales from the original artist and inventors. Sure it’s a free market but this guy has presented himself as an inventor / innovator and I’m thinking the harp players here might like to be aware of the situation and maybe help if they can.

If anyone else has any more details maybe they can chime in.


Glenn Collins"

The original products can be found here:

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