[Harp-L] Harp entertainment

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Wed Oct 17 07:41:06 EDT 2018

This is an update on a question I asked several weeks ago about thoughts on
harmonica entertainment with a group of senior citizens.  First, to answer a
question asked about my post, I purchased Hohner Music Fun harmonicas from
Rockin Ron's Music.  These worked out very well.

I started by explaining and showing how the harp can be effectively used for
respiratory therapy and encouraged each of them to try this at home.  Then I
explained how to hold the harp since I didn't want half the group playing
lower notes and the other half playing higher notes once we started group
playing.  I realized (and as pointed out by Vern and others) that trying to
play a song with single notes would be almost impossible in the amount of
time I was allotted.  So I started with a simple train chug and whistle to
get them into the feel of the harp.  Following that, I broke the group into
four smaller groups and taught each small group to play a short section of
"Frere Jacques".  After working with each group individually, I then had
each group play their parts in sequence.  I think this worked out well as
they recognized the song they were playing once all the parts were put

I knew each member of the group individually and had decided beforehand that
a few of them would not open up to the program.  I was pleasantly surprised
that my prejudgment was wrong as they all seemed to enjoy the experience.
Thanks for all the suggestions and advice.

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