[Harp-L] Review of the EDharmonica a new tuning by Seydel

Konstantin Kolesnichenko wheel.k@xxxxx
Sat Oct 6 09:54:44 EDT 2018

Hello Matthew,
It’s a 10 hole harmonica and the shape is standard. EDharmonica’s note
layout (key of C) is:
Blow A C E A C E A C E A
Draw B D G B D G B D G B
With the EDharmonica (key of C) you can play in 8 different keys without
any overblows: C major, A minor, G major, E minor, D major, B minor, F
major, D minor.
On Amazon I find only key of C edharmonica, but it’s absolutely enough to
start with. We can order any different keys at Seydel’s website.

Сб, 6 жовт. 2018, 00:56 користувач Matthew Bullis <matthewbullisaz at xxxxx>

> Ok, so for $30 on Amazon I'm taking a chance. However, the videos online
> aren't helping with the understanding of what this offers. Since I'm blind,
> I'm going only on the words used, and apparently the tuning layout is a
> graphic on the page. Also, the
> play.edharmonica.com
> site isn't accessible to my screen reading software, since it doesn't use
> standard web controls, So I can't play any of the lessons. Can anyone
> explain what notes you get on draw and blow? Is this ten hole or something
> else? Is the shape very different from a standard ten hole diatonic? I find
> there are several models past the intro price of $30, but is that because
> of reed quality and brand name, or because of some added features? Finally,
> is there just one key available and it's expected that you use this for
> most tunes, or are they just starting out with this key? The info says play
> in eight keys. I realize that this is perhaps such a new product that maybe
> only the original message poster might have this, but if there's any more
> guidance, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Matthew
> On Oct 4, 2018, at 1:47 PM, Konstantin Kolesnichenko <wheel.k at xxxxx>
> wrote:
> Hello, harp-l!
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh2_0T_v3xc
> Hope you like it :)
> --
> Konstantin Kolesnichenko
> http://kolesnichenko-harmonica.com/

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