[Harp-L] Review of the EDharmonica a new tuning by Seydel

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Fri Oct 5 17:56:12 EDT 2018

Ok, so for $30 on Amazon I'm taking a chance. However, the videos online aren't helping with the understanding of what this offers. Since I'm blind, I'm going only on the words used, and apparently the tuning layout is a graphic on the page. Also, the
site isn't accessible to my screen reading software, since it doesn't use standard web controls, So I can't play any of the lessons. Can anyone explain what notes you get on draw and blow? Is this ten hole or something else? Is the shape very different from a standard ten hole diatonic? I find there are several models past the intro price of $30, but is that because of reed quality and brand name, or because of some added features? Finally, is there just one key available and it's expected that you use this for most tunes, or are they just starting out with this key? The info says play in eight keys. I realize that this is perhaps such a new product that maybe only the original message poster might have this, but if there's any more guidance, I would appreciate it.

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Hope you like it :)

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