[Harp-L] Re Hearing yourself

Aongus Mac Cana amaccana@xxxxx
Mon Mar 26 14:56:51 EDT 2018

I don't have any grand aspirations to be a harmonica star, but would like
now and then to be able to hear what I am playing when in a session of up to
thirty musicians playing more powerful instruments than the humble harp -
Banjos, fiddles, Paolo Sopranis and the like. 

Rick Epping gave us the tip to stick a finger in one ear - which is not
always convenient when you are playing a chromatic.

I have found that a sponge rubber ear defender in one ear does the trick as
I have always feared that sticking a finger in your ear might just give your
adjacent musician the impression that you are making a reflection on his/her
playing and provoke them into giving you a punch.

In the Irish trad scene individual amplifiers are a no no and would be
considered as a demonstration of excess ego.


Aongus Mac Cana

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