[Harp-L] $25.00 EastTop 10 hole chromatic review

David Pearce harpdog123@xxxxx
Sat Jun 30 00:55:52 EDT 2018

In a nutshell it's terrible.  Bought it off ebay.  It's the same valveless design as Honner's educator, but with a much, much more leaky slide assembly.   The slide assembly has a fixed tolerance with an absurd amount of slop!  Leakiest slide assembly that I've every tried from a major company.  The nuts for the mouthpiece inside the comb get out of place and it's quite difficult to take apart and reassemble the mouthpiece.  I'm a big fan of EastTop's harmonicas, but the quality of this harmonica is far, far, far below their other models.  Shame on for a company bearing the name of EastTop to sell this garbage.  It is unplayable.  Have I made myself clear?!

Keep on Harpin!  (But not with this!)
David Pearce  


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