[Harp-L] Melodies with low bends (was Re: Video about "clean" overblows)

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Sun Jul 29 08:57:19 EDT 2018

Hi Laurent, I am relieved that you are also interested in the usage of the low bends in melodies as I realised after my first post that you may have wanted to stay focused on Overblows which was the subject of your post.


Those are some fine French players you mention (I like what French Players are doing)  I would also like to hear what the top Pros can do when the bends OB's etc are exposed in melodies and not used as brief passing notes.


Like yourself I am a keen amateur and enjoy the challenge of using Richter for as much as I can. I agree that 'Ode' is an extreme one but it is a good workout as there is no hiding place! I think any future challenge would be fun and should probably involve  a slow and well known melody on say a C harp with no backing and played straight i.e. without embellishments straying from the melody.


I'm jealous of your Harp. Is that a fully customised harp? It has a nice warm sound.


I enjoyed listening to those sound clips and I especially liked the tune you played by the French singer. It's a very nice melody. 


That opening to 'Someday' is tough and you did pretty good.


The OB on 6 I mentioned came about when I was trying to play the standard opening to Autumn Leaves and was having trouble getting the tone and sustain I wanted on the OB so I thought why not try the corny old round the campfire technique of hitting the side of the harp with my hand which made the harp kind of bounce on my lips. There are 2 OB's in this short sample and even though I say so myself I am quite pleased with them. The first one has picked up a little of the percussive tap but the second one is best.





I think my best attempt at a sweet melody incorporating OB's and bends was on 'Oblivion' which is a lovely tune.



All the best



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