[Harp-L] Video about "clean" overblows

Harping On harping.onandon@xxxxx
Sat Jul 28 04:40:34 EDT 2018

You played those nicely Laurent and they work very well in a Jazz context. Not long ago I posted a sweet melody with low hole bends and the consensus seemed to be that it's not a good idea to use low hole draw bends on slow ballads for instance as even if they are played in tune the tonal differences stand out especially if a bend is prolonged.

Overblows are slightly tonally different to a straight blow or draw but less so than draw bends and I suppose that's because a single reed only sounds on an overblow and I think they sound fine when well played on a well adjusted harp. Christelle Berthon manages to blend them pretty well even on slower melodies.

I found a technique the other day which helped me play a cleaner and sustained 6OB. I will post a link to it if it is of interest.


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