[Harp-L] Video about "clean" overblows

Laurent Vigouroux laurentharp@xxxxx
Sat Jul 28 02:14:50 EDT 2018

Hello Rick

Thanks for the feedback!

What do you mean? That overblows won’t be used by the mass of players, like the Esperanto which is a usable language but not used by people? 

Or that overblows can’t be used at all?


Merci ☺


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Date : samedi 28 juillet 2018 à 03:44
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Well played Laurent. Nevertheless, I continue to believe that the "overblow" 

is to harmonica, what Esperanto is to European language.



On 27 July 2018 at 17:07, Laurent Vigouroux <laurentharp at xxxxx> wrote:

Hello all

I've made a little vidéo to give some advice on how to produce "clean" overblows.


Comment are more than welcome (



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