[Harp-L] Jazz Imnprovisising on the chromatic

Joseph Leone 3N037@xxxxx
Mon Jan 22 16:53:31 EST 2018

Here?s why I neglected to mention the various backing provided by others Phil
 Most of them are ok, but to me, at least, they are limiting. 
Most don?t exACTLY give you the tempo you want. Some have too much drums. Some have instruments that you may not want. Of
course I?m coming from a background where I have always played with other musicians, have gotten to know them, and they tend to
try an acquiesce to the background that I would like.
 I mostly played supper clubs. Usually we were subdued on the first set while
people were eating and conversing. Then we would open up a bit. Then open up a bit more. So I am used to adjusting. This may not
be what we?re talking about here. But I wouldn?t get too bogged down in theory, arpeggios, scales. Just play what?s inside you. Other 
people?s stuff is just that. It?s other people. 


> On Jan 22, 2018, at 2:58 PM, philharpn--- via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> wrote:
> I'm shocked that no one has mentioned Jamey Aebersold books/CD/DVDs.
> His books and videos are available everywhere but also at his own web site.
> For openers, there is his DVD "Jazz: Anyone Can Improvise! - DVD" . at $19.95. <jazzbooks.com>
> Check out: 
> VOLUME 1 - HOW TO PLAY JAZZ & IMPROVISE now with 2 CDs! ($19.95)
> but you can get your own copy at jazzbook dot com.
> ALSO NOTE: Free  downloads are listed at the bottom of the page: 
> jazz handbook
> scale and chord reference
> nomenclature
> scale syllabus
> dominant 7th tree of scale choices

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