[Harp-L] Jazz Imnprovisising on the chromatic

Joseph Leone 3N037@xxxxx
Mon Jan 22 19:34:02 EST 2018

And this coming from a world champion. Who has won in various categories/genres. 

> On Jan 22, 2018, at 5:16 PM, The Coogans <4coogans at xxxxx> wrote:
> Now, this is a thread!!
> Like most everyone else has said, I, too, still feel like a beginner after
> years of playing Jazz standards.

I still fondly remember when you sat in with our band. EVERYone was impressed. Hard to get that kind of respect from other musicians.
The audience loved it. And I heard comments. Like ?Wow that fellow is certainly entertaining. What a different refreshing style?. 


> I have worked pretty hard over the years on scales, arppegios, in all
> keys-so with that basis, my approach:
> FWIW, I memorize the melody and the chord progression.I get away from the
> sheet music as quickly as possible.
> Then when I feel i can really play the tune and the chords-with confidence,
> with swing, with my own embellishments, then most of the time the
> improvising starts to come. So IMHO, once you have a solid comfort zone
> with the tune, the rest will follow.
> Good Luck, the journey is fun!!
> Ed Coogan

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