[Harp-L] Abstruse Double Harmonic Major tuning for harmonica

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Thu Jan 11 12:59:55 EST 2018

Hi all--

I have created a tuning, arranged like a Power Chromatic (which is a
IV6/V6), except that 2 and 6 are flatted.

I will explain . . .

Most harmonicas are tuned to chords--the letters and numbers name those
chords.For the normal harmonica you are used to hearing (let's call it
blues harp), the chords are the tonic (let's use a C harp) and the dominant
7th (in our case, G7).

Power Chromatic has an F6 blow and a G6 draw--
| F g | A b | C d | D e |

So it's in C, but there's no C chord.

The tuning (in C) of this Double Harmonic Major harp is:
| F g | Ab b | C db | Db e |

So the two chords are Db major 7th blow and Em6.

I have a video up on YouTube, here it is . . . https://youtu.be/_KKhcLMlT2A

There are two big bends per octave, the second and fourth holes have three
draw notes.

Try it for Misirlou!

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