[Harp-L] Seydel Noble Low Draw reed flaps (Brandon Zarzoza)

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I recently took apart my low C noble to flat sand the draw plate and found
some leather flaps covering the low reeds. What is the purpose of these?
Can I safely remove them?

Hi Brandon,

The flaps you are referring to are actually Gazell method valves. They are installed on the lowest reeds to help activate the reed when you go to play it. The valve is placed over the draw slot so that when you use the blow note there is no air passing through the draw slot making it easier to move and play that very low reed. In this sense we could actually think of it as a wind saver. However since its installed on your diatonic, if your technique is good you should be able to blow bend hole #1 or whatever draw slots are covered with the valves. This is in keeping with the Half Valved theory for diatonic.

You could take them off but would find it harder to play your lower notes.

Finally, I am confused as to why you would find it necessary to flat sand one of Seydel's black anodized aluminum Noble combs? They are CNC milled to very precise specs and are very very flat right out of the box.

PT Gazell

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