[Harp-L] Dilemma

Peter Sheridan jukejelly@xxxxx
Wed Jan 10 13:30:46 EST 2018

The so-called postal "service" is not that. I have had numerous items and
letters, including money orders, gone missing with no reliable explanation.
Also had packages sent to relatives opened and examined (searching for
contraband?) with no explanation. Some of these were not even resealed
adequately. This is inexcusable. Another loss of oversight in the modern
day USA.

Pete Sheridan
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> how does the postal service lose an AMP? They are kinda big.....
> I'm thinking probably UPS shipped? Even if there was insurance, good luck
> dealing with UPS.....it was a nightmare just to have them reimburse me for
> a gourmet food wholesale account shipment that they lost in a UPS truck
> fire!!
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> The shipper should have insurance.
> Shipper is responsible.
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> > I would like folks opinions on the following dilemma.  I sent my amp to
> a known amp tech for modifications.  I have paid for his work, which was
> completed a few weeks ago.  However, the amp has now been lost by the
> postal service on its way back to me.  Question is, who is liable for the
> cost of the amp if the postal service don?t pay up for the loss?  So far I
> am down the cost of the amp plus the cost of the mod work and I ain?t got
> the amp!!!
> > Advice please!!
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