[Harp-L] Hohner Tremolo Tuning - What should I try to tune the Intervals?

Steve moorcot@xxxxx
Thu Jan 4 20:40:40 EST 2018

Dunno whether I'm right or wrong here, but I've always aimed to get the bottom reed to  A440 ( though 441 or even getting to 442 never did me no harm...I was never going to go too much against the existing tuning of the darn thing) and the top reed, tuned a bit sharper, to a tremolo that I like the sound of. I'm talking equal temperament here. Tombos seem to be tuned that way, but not necessarily Hohners... I think the thing is not to get too theoretical about the tremolo but to get the sound you want, having got the bottom reeds in tune so that you can at least join in with other musicians. The degree of tremolo is kind of important but it's more a matter of taste than a matter of theory. And the blasted thing will soon go out of tune and need fixing anyway!

Steve Shaw

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I would go to Pat Missin?s site. He explains double reed harmonicas and how they?re set-up. There?s a lot of good articles there.

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Help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Having fun trying to restore a 10 hole Hohner Auto-Valve Harp (pre war) and I am not sure what I should tune to for the intervals?

Example, should the lower tuning be A440 and the upper A445? Something like that? Couldn?t find any info online.

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Mark Stafford
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