[Harp-L] [Harp-l] Harmonica conventions in Europe - Some reflexion

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Ditto George.

Jerry Deall
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Hey, I am looking forward to seeing Tony Eyers at St. Louis this year.....
among my many other friends too!



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On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 10:06 PM, Tony Eyers <tony at xxxxx> wrote:

> Jim Fitting said
> "I haven't ever attended SPAH, nor any other harmonica based conventions. I
> think that is a result of my own idiosyncrasies as much as anything, partly
> because operating in that setting does not come naturally to me. "
> Could I gently make the point that, given you've not been to a harmonica
> convention, "operating in that setting" may come quite easily.
> As a touring harmonica professional I'm sure you meet players all the
> time, and probably harmonica players every now and then. My experience has
> been that harmonica players in these situations often don't share
> information, usually because they're busy with other stuff.
> SPAH is different.
> You spend 5 days in a big hotel with around 400 players. You have
> breakfast together. You drink beers at 3am together. Generally there are
> few (if any) performing responsibilities, so you can just hang out with
> harmonica players. For me last year these included Adam Gussow, Jason
> Ricci, PT Gazell, Hendrik Meurkens, Grant Dermody, Joe Filisko, David
> Naiditch, Richard Sleigh, Todd Parrott, Mike Caldwell (hell yeah!), Ronnie
> Shellist (OMG!). And many others. Without exception I've found these folk
> to be approachable, fun to be around, and glad to discuss their respective
> (and awesome) takes on the harmonica.
> You'll probably run into Tony Eyers as well, and have to face his stuff.
> To my mind SPAH is very reasonably priced. And hard not to like. This year
> its in St Louis, Aug 14-18th.
> Tony Eyers
> Australia
> www.HarmonicaAcademy.com
> ...everyone plays

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