[Harp-L] [Harp-l] Harmonica conventions in Europe - Some reflexion

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Thu Feb 15 22:06:56 EST 2018

Jim Fitting said

"I haven't ever attended SPAH, nor any other harmonica based conventions. I
think that is a result of my own idiosyncrasies as much as anything, partly
because operating in that setting does not come naturally to me. "

Could I gently make the point that, given you've not been to a harmonica 
convention, "operating in that setting" may come quite easily.

As a touring harmonica professional I'm sure you meet players all the 
time, and probably harmonica players every now and then. My experience 
has been that harmonica players in these situations often don't share 
information, usually because they're busy with other stuff.

SPAH is different.

You spend 5 days in a big hotel with around 400 players. You have 
breakfast together. You drink beers at 3am together. Generally there are 
few (if any) performing responsibilities, so you can just hang out with 
harmonica players. For me last year these included Adam Gussow, Jason 
Ricci, PT Gazell, Hendrik Meurkens, Grant Dermody, Joe Filisko, David 
Naiditch, Richard Sleigh, Todd Parrott, Mike Caldwell (hell yeah!), 
Ronnie Shellist (OMG!). And many others. Without exception I've found 
these folk to be approachable, fun to be around, and glad to discuss 
their respective (and awesome) takes on the harmonica.

You'll probably run into Tony Eyers as well, and have to face his stuff.

To my mind SPAH is very reasonably priced. And hard not to like. This 
year its in St Louis, Aug 14-18th.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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