[Harp-L] Santa Barbara workshop Feb 24

Tom Ball havaball@xxxxx
Sat Feb 10 15:18:06 EST 2018

(Please disregard if you live in Burundi or somewhere far away, but have to drop a shameless plug for a small workshop I’ll be doing later this month…  —TB)
In conjunction with the Tom & Kenny concert at Santa Barbara's Alhecama Theater on Feb 24, I’m pleased to announce I will also be doing a rare harmonica workshop in the afternoon. To insure personal instruction, this workshop will be limited to ONLY SIX participants, so act fast if you’d like to take advantage. Workshop will be 2:30-3:45 at the theater, followed by Kenny's guitar workshop at 4:00 and the concert in the evening — why not attend all three?  
All events are sponsored by the Santa Barbara Acoustic Music Association, and details (and ticket info) are available now at their website http://www.sbama.org <http://www.sbama.org/>
Here’s their blurb about the workshop. (Sorry ‘bout the inevitable hype, folks….)  
Tom Ball has played harmonica on over 250 CDs and written three harmonica instructional books. For this workshop he will teach beginning-to-intermediate basic 10-hole diatonic harmonica. How to hold it; hitting chords and single notes; simple songs, cross harp, blues patterns, how to bend notes, puckering and tongue-blocking, hand effects, and many more advanced riffs, tips and tricks. 
While this class is slanted towards acoustic playing -- blues, country, folk, etc -- Tom is also open to discussing amplified harp: equipment, mics, recording techniques, etc etc. Attendees are encouraged to bring a recording device, as there will be a LOT of information thrown out there.
Required is a standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C (like a Marine Band, Blues Harp, Lee Oskar, Special 20, Seydel, etc.) (Tom does not teach the chromatic harp, echo harp or bass harp.)
Fee is $35 for the workshop; and/or $20 for the nighttime Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan concert. Any prospective attendee who would like to ask Tom a question prior to the workshop are welcome to send an E (or a private message on Facebook.)

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