[Harp-L] Harmonica conventions in Europe - Some reflexion

Patrice Rayon stpat95@xxxxx
Fri Feb 9 18:23:26 EST 2018

Thank you very much my friend 😉

The thing is not really to be behind me but to understand the idea of what I tried to make understand...
I have a lot of respect to the ones who are doing, like the benevols and organizers of events, the ones who are making things possible...
It is far more easier to list things that you know about on a website and share it, to take profit of trips to build a network and trying to get central attention, introduce people not ready to do things being alone but happy to group themsleves together to join their envies and do something: Local meetups, workshops, concerts, even more when you think about the interest of harmonica in society, the health etc...
For example I thing about Viola Barend from the Netherlands who is going every year to africa to train people their , about Jean Dagba (Senegal-Dakar) that I helped a bit by the past who was giving harmonica in exchange with Gun toys from young childrens. Harmonikids and so many things people did...

Even in Europe, the distances are smaller than USA but the price for the trip plus hostels are also important for people.
So if you don't have a good job, and also with a family in charge or other reasons...you can not always goes far away, but at least go to the concert when people are coming from long distance. I saw Adam Gussow in Paris, Jason Ricci in St Aignan and south suburb of Paris, Wade Schuman recently in south suburb of Paris. Dov Hammer in Paris few years ago... At least to be aware when something happend around, close to you if you don't have enough money.

All ideas and the experience of every countries are very important to find some inspiration... For example this year I wanted to make some interviews in many countries with people who organize  meetups (Canada, USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Iran, India etc....) because some friend from Portugal told me that he was very upset not to see enough events in Portugal. There are so many things we could do, share... Building a network of knowledge and make people profit about it is an idea... I am sure you all have ideas and HARP-L as being the very oldest and first harmonica mailing list is a good place to exchange....


De : Joseph Leone <3N037 at xxxxx>
Envoyé : vendredi 9 février 2018 18:52

So thrilled am I to see this exchange between Sebastien (someone who I have followed closely for years) and my good friend Patrice. Here’s my thoughts. Not that they mean much.

EVERYone should get behind Patrice. All of Europe is still smaller than the U.S. and while some distances are great, it is still a compact sub-continent with a huge population. A population
with some of the very best players/innovators in the world. I happen to be partial to French players. But that’s a different subject.
I am in the same camp with Sebastien. To go to a convention here (4-5 days) cost me around 1,100 euros. About half of what I have per month. Almost every convention is over 2,000km one way.
Some are like going from Madrid to Istanbul. To go to Europe could easily cost me over 2,500 euros. Btw, I recently visited my older sister in Normandy. The entire 6 weeks cost me 1,101 euros.
4-5 days compared with 45 days. Big difference. lol.

 The fallacy is that everyone in the U.S. is wealthy. Not true.  Most of the leadership of spah have been (for lack of a better word) better off financially. And they usually go into their own pockets to make spah work.
Europe is more compact. It ’should' be possible to organize something in Europe.  I hope that this happens. Patrice’s positive attitudes over the years haven’t escaped my attention.

Smokey-joe (whom has lived Vienna, Trieste, Naples, Paris. Currently in Florida aka ‘God’s waiting room’. lolol.

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