[Harp-L] Harmonica Conventions in Europe

Steve Baker steve@xxxxx
Fri Feb 9 07:57:13 EST 2018

Hi Sebastien,

I’ve been running the Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen, Germany since 2003. The next edition runs from October 31st - November 4th 2018. Our instructors are world class and though there is a strong faction teaching blues (cos that’s what most harp players want to learn), we have always offered workshops with more contemporary stylists. This year I have Marko Jovanovic and Greg Zlap as well as blues harmonica masters Joe Filisko, David Barrett and Mitch Kashmar (chromatic).

Students come from all over the world to hang out and meet fellow harmonica enthusiasts. Many people come back every year. This is the largest gathering of mainly diatonic harmonica players in Europe and the prices are as reasonable as we can make them. Registrations opened 2 weeks ago and over 80 people have already signed up. Check out the website below if you’re interested, you’d have a great time.

Steve Baker

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