[Harp-L] Harmonicaster Mk II vs Green Bullet dB test

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu Aug 30 12:12:35 EDT 2018

Ronnie Schreiber wrote:
<did some preliminary testing to see if the Harmonicaster Mk 2 can play
<louder than a microphone. At the same, moderate, amp settings, the
<Harmonicaster doesn't have quite the gain that a mic has, but unlike
<with a mic, you can use all of your amp's power with the Harmonicaster
<so it can play much louder, and not feedback.
<before diming gain, volume, and master controls, the Harmonicaster was
<hitting 118. With the amp all the way on the clean channel I was hitting

For reference, according to this source:
-- the threshold of pain for loudness is 110 dB
-- a rock band in full cry is about 114 dB

So 122 dB should be loud enough for damn near anybody.

Thanks, RH

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