[Harp-L] Harmonicaster Mk II vs Green Bullet dB test

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Tue Aug 28 19:35:09 EDT 2018

I did some preliminary testing to see if the Harmonicaster Mk 2 can play 
louder than a microphone. At the same, moderate, amp settings, the 
Harmonicaster doesn't have quite the gain that a mic has, but unlike 
with a mic, you can use all of your amp's power with the Harmonicaster 
so it can play much louder, and not feedback.

It's not quite scientific as I didn't use an anechoic chamber and 
calibrated instruments - I used my living room and a Radio Shack sound 
level meter about a meter from the amp. Using a Boss Katana 100W solid 
state combo on the 100W setting and the clean channel, I could get 108 
dB out of my Green Bullet ('90s vintage 520DX hecho in Mexico) before 
running into feedback. The amp was nowhere near all the way up. Even 
before diming gain, volume, and master controls, the Harmonicaster was 
hitting 118. With the amp all the way on the clean channel I was hitting 

If I can recall stuff from my audiophile days, depending on the person 
and their age, a 2-3 dB difference is audible, so 10 dBs is a pretty big 

So, yes, the Harmonicaster can play significantly louder than a bullet 
mic without feedback. Also, to paraphrase the late, great Frank Zappa, 
"the tone will not offend your ears."

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