[Harp-L] Black Acrylic Marine Band Combs for Sale

Richard Sleigh rrsleigh@xxxxx
Mon Aug 27 12:50:32 EDT 2018

A couple of months ago I had a batch of Black Acrylic Marine band combs
made to fit Crossover, Marine Band Deluxe, Thunderbird, and the 1896 Marine
Band that has been modified for all screw construction.

In many ways, I think this is the ideal comb. It is food safe, stable, does
not shatter if dropped, totally waterproof (diswasher safe!) and very
smooth on the face.

I'd like to pay off my machine shop bill, so I have a limited number of
these beauties available for $25 each. They are dead flat and polished to a
high smooth luster on the face...

here is the link to my store for these combs:



Richard Sleigh
rrsleigh at xxxxx

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