[Harp-L] How much of the harmonica do you put in your mouth? Message-ID: <VI1PR0402MB33741DB0475D958E3D8C15E1C6280 at xxxxx>

Evan Williams evan.morgan.williams@xxxxx
Sun Aug 12 23:03:41 EDT 2018

Amen to what has been said. The harmonica is but a small assemblage of
wood, plastic, brass, tin, and so on. Even with all the technical
innovations of recent years, the harmonica itself is still not the primary
factor in producing a thick, rich sound. That's where your airway comes in,
from the bottom of your diaphragm all the way to your lips. Therefore, in
general, one wants the harmonica set deeply but comfortably in the mouth. I
must also stress that insofar as every one of us has a unique airway, one's
individual sound comes from within as well.

Evan Williams

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