[Harp-L] The HarmoniCollege 2018 report

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Fri Apr 6 20:49:29 EDT 2018

Thanks Jim!

The Club did a great job and everyone was nice.  The location is
beautiful.  I highly recommend everyone go to Harmonicollege.

Michael Rubin

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 7:38 PM, James Brill Rumbaugh <
jrumbaug at xxxxx> wrote:

> The HarmoniCollege 2018 report
> HarmoniCollege was another success. Some alumni saying it was “the best
> yet”. Michael Rubin did an exceptional presentation on each subject. If you
> ever hear of a class by Michael being offered, seek it out and go.
> Michael Rubin and guest Clint Hoover did an incredible demonstration at
> the close of the Saturday night jam. They each took a C harp. Bobby Hughes
> on guitar and Jim Rumbaugh (me) on bass, started a standard 12 bar blues in
> G. After each 12 bar solo by Michael and Clint, we modulated a half step
> up. They played all 12 positions as we walked up the necks of our guitars.
> Not only did they play all 12 positions, they played all 12 positions with
> a professional sound that was delightful to the ear. The only hiccup was
> when I (Jim Rumbaugh) messed up twice. I modulated at the wrong time, but
> the harp players went on without a hitch. Everyone in the room was amazed.
> Doug Shroer said, “I’ve heard of people that can do that, but this is the
> first time I’ve actually witnessed it.”
> A cute non-musical incident. The main cabin had no hot water Friday night
> and Saturday morning. An opossum had crawled into the water heater and
> destroyed the tank. The dead opossum was found with his head sticking out
> of the tank. A new tank was installed Saturday morning and things went back
> to normal. HarmoniCollege 2018 is now known as “The year of the ‘Possum”
> Jim Rumbaugh
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